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Wicked Style Playlist January 2012
gennaio 14, 2012, 8:50 am
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electronic dance:
Dada Life – Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker [Original] – So Much Dada
All Gun Blazing – Cheap Drugs Will Kill You – Woot
BeatsUnique & Heavy Duty Brothers – Bang To The Beat [Original Mix] – Big Mix Up
Luke Keogh – What We Think is Cool [Original] – Bloc Beatz
Justice – Audio Video Disco [Doc Trashz Remix] – Shax Trax
Konstrict – Plague [Felix Luker Remix] – Crux
All Guns Blazing – Ghetto Anthem [Kick-OH Remix] – Audiolith
Felguk Vs Dirtyloud – Nudge [Original] – Dongle
Aural Trash – 2495 [Hey You Remix] – Move To Trash
Electric Soulside – Somewhere in Nevada [Mike Balance Remix] – InStereo
Justin Perea – Inhale [Kunterbunt Remix] – No Sense Of Place
Alex Mind Ft Metzo – The Mentalist [Eric Farias Remix] – Surfer Rosa
iPunk – Attack [Flake Remix] – Crux
Eric Sharp – Let It Go [White Girl Lust Remix] – Science Laboratories
The Damn Bell Doors – Ability [Instrumental] – Bass = Win
Costello – Genom [Electric Rescue Remix] – Boxon
Slop Rock – Jam It On The One [Dan Aux Remix] – Ho-Ju
Klubbaa&Trigger – Hands Up! [All Guns Blazing Remix] – Audiolith
PTN – Acid Revolver [Original] – Shax Trax
Aquilaganja – Jackin Twats [The Bulgarian Jackin Remix] – Monkey Beats
GFT – Died [Lo-Fi Bitches Remix] – Shax Trax
Jelo & The King Kornelius – Hurreigh! [Original] – Bug Eyed
Steve Aoki – Ladi Dadi [Original] – Dim Mak
ZZT – Party’s Over Los Angeles [ValyMo’s Remix] – Turbo
Felipe Avelar – Funky Lift [WhiteNoize Remix] – InStereo
Quer4mat – Hackepeta [Original] – Shax Trax
Revolvr & Dj Red – Lost My Adderall – Surfer Rosa
Lo-Fi Bitches – Smasher [Original] – Shax Trax
Hatiras Vs Kongman Ft Manners – Helicopter [Hatiras Mix] – Surfer Rosa
Z3RO – Hunting Down Myself [Tommy Noble Mix] – Bug Eyed
MAX Cooper – Echoes Reality [Si Begg Remix] – Traum
Florian Meindl – Space Bass [Dub] – Flash
Les Limaces – Bubbled [Original] – Tasty Bytes
Spaced – Dreaming Of You [Original] – Monkey Beats

beats, bass, breaks and dubstep:
Toy Quantize – Warlock [Original] – Dirty Drop
Freq Nasty – 1000 Buddhas Of The Pureland Of Bass
The Freakazoids – Freakazoid Experiments [Original] – Thrust
Cheeky D – Bang To The Beat [Original Mix] – Big Mix Up
Rico Tubbs – Purple Vip – Bass=Win
Rumblefish – Eyes In The Sky [Original] – Functional
Rob Sparx – Can’t Find The Beat [Original] – Migrations
La Musique D’Ordinateur – End of the World [Pro7 Remix] – Trashbags
Warrior One Ft. Ayah Marar – Fyah [Des Demure Remix] – Black Butter
Lo-Fi Bitches – Drops [Sashaslay Remix] – Shax Trax
Hatiras Vs Kongman Ft Manners – Helicopter [Dubsidia Mix] – Surfer Rosa
Under This – Flashback [Original] – iBreaks
Knife Party – Destroy Internet Friends With Lazers [AcrobanjO Mashup] – Shax Trax
Gato Preto – Tschukudu [Flore Remix] – Riot Riot
Gran Ruckus – 6 Milli [Original] – Bass = Win
Protocol 7 – Desert Sandst [Original] – Mutant Fish
EQ Why – Back 2 This Track – Moveltraxx

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