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Wicked Style Playlist October 2012
ottobre 16, 2012, 10:38 am
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electronic dance:
Wednesday The Rat – Benou [Keith & Supabeatz Remix] – Vicious Bitch
R.Schneider – My Pussy Belongs To Daddy [P.C.I Remix] – Platten Pussy
Hoshina Anniversary – Popcorn [Original Mix] – Guys N Dolls
Misha Wild – Straight [Original Version] – Shax Trax
Pornorockerz – Nautilus [Original Mix] – Trashz
Blatta & Inesha – Parallels and Meridians [Original Mix] – Southern Fried
Dee Ass – House Slave [Original Mix] – Platten Pussy
Jaksaw – Can I Get A Hit [The Incredible Melting Man Remix] – Champion Beats
Frederic De Carvalho – Chicken Mastah [The Sexinvaders Remix] – Dusted Decks
Peo de Pitte – Easy White Boy [Original Version] – U&A
Determinators – A Byte Of The New Ultra [Original Version] – Jet Set Trash
Flashdisco – Suspect [Original Mix] – Platten Pussy
Turbo Turbo & S-File – Headhunter [Original Mix] – Guys N Dolls
Angger Dimas – Resurrection [Original Mix] – Vicious
Erista – Today [Original Version] – Bug Eyed
Gandi – Bad Chorus [Skilful Remix] – Shax Trax
Rule Of Eight – Surge [Original Version] – Teenage Riot Records
Tiny Ducks – Lock On You [Original] – Shabang
Hostage – Barrels [Original Version] – Black Butter
Gene K – Little Bunny Rabbit [Dejakal Remix] – Move To Trash
Moda – Fuck [Original Version] – Jet Set Trash
Toffee Moes – Big Bad Father [Original Mix] – Shabang
Bpierre – This Is Not A Joke [Original Mix] – Gold N Tech
Re-Zone – Clubbed To Death [Original] – Bug Eyed
Just Regular Guys – Aversion [Original Mix] – Guys N Dolls
The Bass Invaderz & Riggers – Beer, Whiskey, Marijauna [Original] – Champion Beats
My E.T. – Wanna Find Some Action [DkNato Remix] – Shax Trax
Makenoize – Insomniac [Original Version] – THaF
Wongo – BAM!!! [Udachi Remix] – Rock It Science Laboratories
Drunken Masters – Bang Bang [Dirty Disco Youth Remix] – Techno Changed My Life
Kick-OH – Hey C’mon [Original Version] – Woot
Heavygrinder – Sway [Original Mix] – Bug Eyed
Kotedurone – Party de boules [Original Mix] – THaF
Jay Robinson  – Work It [Instrumental] – Instant Vibes
Todd Terry & J Paul Getto – The Sure Shot [Rogerseventytwo Remix] – Moveltraxx
Kraymer  – Droppin’ On The Floor [Philly Blunt Remix] – Vicious Bitch
Gboogie & Tony Diamond – Soho [Cheeky D Remix] – Gold N Tech
Bikslow – Artanist [Digital Native Dance Remix] – Shabang
Lisseman – Let The Beast Go Out [Skyve Remix] – THaF

beats, bass, breaks and dubstep:
Gandi – Bad Chorus [Artsever Remix] – Shax Trax
12 Inch Plastic Toys – Syndrome [Original Mix] – Atomic Zoo
B.R.E.E.D. – Atomic Cafe [Calvertron Remix] – Jack Knife
Dejakal – Hey! Aye! [Funk’n’SloCuts Remix] – Move To Trash
Will Bailey – Muggy [Original Mix] – Jack Knife
The White Riots – Captain High Top [Original Version] – Ape
Wizard – We’ve Got The Mental Summertime State
Drunken Masters – Toygirl [Kid Simius Remix] – Techno Changed My Life
Pyramyth – Savage [Original Version] – Bug Eyed
Kraymer  – Droppin’ On The Floor [Wellsaid & Rubberteeth Remix] – Vicious Bitch
King Yoof Vs Gold – Tik a Tok [Original] – Sub Slayers

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